Swedish Games industry to hold conference on equality


Dataspelsbranschen – The Swedish Games Industry is to shine a spotlight on the critical issue of equality in the games industry. The burning issue will be the subject of the most recent Gamescraft conference and is due to take place on August 26.

The event is open to the entire games industry and will address questions such as:

How can we address the old gender stereotypes in games? How can we write more inclusive characters? How do we design games for a broader and more representative audience?

The announced speakers to the event are:

  • Anita Sarkeesian
  • Andrew S. Walsh
  • Anna Serner
  • Åsa Roos
  • Björn Åkerblom

The conference will conclude with a panel discussion with Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency), Ina Bäckström (founder BarCraft, associate producer at Paradox Interactive) as well as many more.

The event will take place at Bryggeriet in Nürnberghuset (Björngårdsgatan 14B, källaringången) in Stockholm.
For further details on the event reach out to Tanvir Mansur

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