Tomas Ahlström makes move to Desura


Tomas Ahlström, the former founder and Development Director at Boldai, developers of Blocksworld has made the decision to join digital distribution service – Desura, which was acquired by Linden Labs earlier this summer. The Square took a few moments to pose a few questions to Tomas.

How did the switch to Desura come about?
The success of Blocksworld is amazing! But I have been working with Blocksworld for a long time now and I am a restless soul. As Blocksworld went from an innovative phase to a more commercial phase I felt it was time to move on.

What will your new role focus on?
I will work close with game developers to make sure we get their games on to the market! So developer relations and content acquisition will be my primary focus.

With Desura still under Linden Labs umbrella will you continue to be involved in the development of Blocksworld?
I feel like a parent whose kids have moved out. Yeah, I will check in with the team regularly to see that they are doing alright!

Finally, what is your primary aim at your new role?
I want to find the next big hit! Desura is a big success and we get a lot of emails from developers with great content. I hope to speed up the process to make sure that we provide the market with a flow of great entertainment.

A big thank you to Tomas for his time!

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