Stormhatt Studios talks Barmark

Barmark Triptych

Stormhatt studios have weathered a few turbulent months culminating in a name change and an unwavering determination to see their first game through.

Hot on the heels of the trailer they released some weeks ago comes a bunch of screenshots, one of which features a recently revealed “archanimal” for their striking atmospheric point and click adventure game – Barmark.

This is a shot that we haven’t used anywhere else, it features one of the “archanimals”, as well as the player character


“Well the gif itself kind of explains most of the game. What we’re going for is a sort of “not game”, in that you don’t have any goals, there’s no end as such. And what the handbook explains is the essentials of the game. The true core mechanic being turning on/off the machines. And they then in turn manipulate the landscapes, as well as affect the archanimals.”

Barmark KING sal

So what the handbook does is basically just giving an insight into how the game is played, except for the point n’ click movement, aswell as the player’s ability to point at all the creatures and floura in the game, to make them do various stuff, Simon Marklund, Project lead at Stormhatt Studios added.

No firm release date has been revealed but Barmark should hit Android and iOS in the spring.


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