The Aesthetics of Gaming

Aesthetics of Gaming

Shelter, The Dream Machine and Year Walk all feature in Siggraph’s The Aesthetics of Gaming – which is a showcase of some of the most visually stunning indie titles of the current gaming generation.

Shelter from Might and Delight, Year Walk from Simogo and The Dream Machine from Cockroach all feature in a strong lineup of titles that also includes the likes of FEZ, Limbo and Journey.

The forty-five game titles included in this exhibition are represented by:

  • up to five screen shots from the game
  • a short synopsis of the game
  • a link back to the game developers, company, studio, or publisher
  • a link to the host web site for a download or online playable game
  • and a link to a posted video of a play-through of the game.

In Statement on the website, the event curator, Greg Garvey said,
Hopefully, this rather modest “exhibition” poses questions about the nature of art, games, and play. So download, get in some serious play, and enjoy total engagement!

For a closer look at the games on show head to the Game Art Show.

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