Dawnbreak Studios talks Sky Blaze


Dawnbreak Studios announced their latest game Sky Blaze in early March to little fanfare. With the game set for release later in April, company CEO, Mikael Litendahl takes some time to expand on their newest project and its unique visuals.

Sky Blaze is a past paced arcade game for Windows Phone where the players goal is to smash rockets on the screen to produce beautiful firework explosions across the sky. The base gameplay is a classic “tap/swipe objects that appears on the screen” but as with Ragdoll Run, our game Sky Blaze has a twist. Instead of just swiping some objects and avoid others it matters which order you smash rockets in to build powerful combos and maximize your high score, Litendahl said.


Sky Blaze features unique visuals never before seen on a mobile screen. It sounds like a cliché but this time around we have designed the graphics around powerful yet optimized shaders to really push the hardware of the phones. Add a unique soundtrack, online high score lists to compete with your friends wherever you are, and a dynamic level system which guarantees that you will never play the same stage twice.

The game is set for release on Windows phones with some intriguing payment features incorporated into the game.

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