Gatling Goat Studios unveils Traverser teaser


The Karlshamn studio have unveiled a teaser trailer for their upcoming title Traverser. The trailer features an intriguing Gravity Glove in action and clears up any confusion on the games 3D aesthetic.

I posed a couple of quick fire questions to the studios CEO, Martin Sundberg.

What gameplay aspects were you looking to convey with the trailer?
Ever since we released our previous trailer, which featured no gameplay, people have been asking us how the gameplay looks and why we are so mysterious with it. We actually wanted that to happen, to stir around the pot.

With our previous trailer we wanted to show what Traverser will look like in-game with some action. We wanted to show both sides of our city (mostly environment) for people to get an idea of the setting we have chosen for Traverser and to let you guys see the Gravity Glove in action, even if just for a short amount of time.
This trailer wasn’t meant for everyone one to watch. As we put it together for Nordic Game Indie Night, we really enjoyed it and thought “why not show it?”

So we gave people a sneak peek of Traverser.

What are your expectations with this trailer?
There had been some confusion from our pervious trailer of whether our gameplay was 3D or 2D or both, which we’ve now hopefully cleared out and now we get back to playing the waiting game for everyone to get new questions and ideas.

Gatling Goat Studios

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  1. Egill Arnarsson

    Looks great. Really like the mood and music. Gameplay seems interesting as well.

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