Democreativity to challenge game design norms


Three of Sweden’s public agencies have joined forces with the Swedish Games Industry to kickstart Democreativity, an open invitation to explore the potential of creativity. The initiative aims to challenge conventional thinking with regards to game design whilst uncovering new ways to tell stories in games, formats, stories and protagonists.

In an interview with BBC, Per Strömbäck, spokesperson for the Swedish Games Industry said:

There is a boom of success within the Swedish creative industry at the moment. There are a lot of successful films and games that include Minecraft, Battlefield and Candy Crush Saga, but the question is why so much creativity here. This is an experiment of trying to find the source of that and trying to promote that, so we have invited the global audience to provide their input and ideas for games they would like to see and we will make that game.

Ideas from the website will be put together into a summary, popular suggestions as well as more obscure ideas will all be compiled. The advisory board will add their conclusions on what makes an unlikely game – composing a creative brief. The brief will be posted on the Democreativity website, open for game developers around the world to get inspired by and create from. The brief will also be given to Swedish game developing students as a project assignment.

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