Discover love at the Lyst Summit

Game romance

The Copenhagen Game Collective’s zest for all things experimental have led them to create a summit designed to feature all things Romance, Love and Sex. Say hello to the Lyst summit.

We feel that ‘Lyst’ is a great name for what we want to do, since it means lust, but also desire or “wanting”. You would for instance say: “har du lyst til …”, which translates to “do you want to …” and it also means Light. Light, because we don’t want to “do it” in the dark. We want to have an environment where people with any sexuality can express their experiences and interpretations of this theme.

The conference will be followed by a game jam with focus on creating prototypes that are engaging in these subjects. If you’re a developer keen to participate in the game jam you will need to write a motivated application, so the organizers can ensure a diverse and well-functioning game jamming environment, by selecting the right people to tackle this job.

For more on the Lyst Summit, head to the sign up page. Deadline for application is the 6th of May 12.00. You can expect to get a reply a week later.

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