Osao Games confirms Chronology release


Danish developer, Osao Games looks set to finally release their time travel platformer – Chronology on May 12 after a tumultuous period that almost resulted in the cancellation of the game.
The cancellation was in part due to the demise of the studios parent company – Progressive Media, which permanently shut its doors after 12 years in the industry.

We’ve had some pretty crazy moments in the last few months,” says Executive Producer at Osao Games, Viorel Galan, speaking to Gameplay. Right now we’re doing all we can to finish complete the game to get it out first on Steam and later on mobile platforms.

The first priority is to get Chronology out far and wide. But if it ends up doing well we hope to continue developing games. We also have a ‘dream plan’ when it’s over, but it’s hard to look beyond the now where everything is lacking some stability in terms of income, etc.

Chronology features mind-bending mix of puzzle, adventure and platform game where you take control of a professor and his sidekick snail to defy time by manipulating the past and the future, in order to fix the present.

The game is scheduled to be released on Steam on May 12.

Osoa Games

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