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It’s been just over a week since Kickstarter opened itself up to project submissions from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. More than enough time to take stock of what game related campaigns are in need of support from the region as well as a quick chat with one of the early entrants to the setup.

As at the time of this post, Sweden had the most number of ongoing game related game Kickstarter campaigns (4), with Sylvio, a first person game send-out performing remarkably well. Those on the other end of the crowdfunding scale include Air Brawl, Medusa’s Labyrinth and The Facility which are struggling to rope in the punters.

It’s a challenge most early adopters are likely to face, which is why I reached out to Wilhem Nylund from Air Brawl for a few questions about his Kickstarter campaign.

How would you describe the initial setup on KS?
I think its a very straight forward process, its just a lot of information that needs to be added.
Making the Kickstarter page was the thing that took the most time. I spent a lot of time looking at previous successful Kickstarter pages. I looked at how others had done their rewards, videos and so on.
The video is probably what took the most time of all the content on the Kickstarter page. I spent a long time just making trailers in order to get better at it. The fourth try was the one i went with.
Other than the that there I spent a lot of time getting the Kickstarter demo ready as well ass preparing posts to put up on various sites such as Reddit and indieDB.

How do you think the campaign is going along? What is your major concern at the moment?
The campaign went well initially, we got up to around 10k SEK each of the first two days. But we’re sadly loosing momentum, in the current pace there is no way of the campaign being successful.
I made two posts to Reddit/PcGaming and Reddit/pcMasterRace that did really well. Around 80% of the funding has come from them. It does seem like people are interested in the game but not enough know about the campaign.
I recently sent out emails to a bunch of gaming sites and Youtubers in the hopes of some of them picking the game up and showing it to their fan base, I think this is what could save the campaign.

My main concern that it doesn’t reach enough gamers and therefore fails.
But even if the campaign fails It will still have had a huge positive effect. I have gotten a huge amount of positive comments and great feedback since the campaign starter. The AirBrawl subreddit has grown from 130 to 1260 subscribers since the start of the campaign. More people than every before are playing the game and the it has also been a very learningful experience for me.
I will continue working on the game full time until summer even if the campaign does fail after which I will probably start studying game development at a university.
The main effect will be that I wont be able to hire additional people to work on the game. The game will still be made, just slower and with less features than if we were two or three working full time on it.


Over in Denmark, an ambitious project, titled Youropa is struggling to maintain interests, while in Finland, Battlestation: Humanity’s Last Hope by Bugbyte continues to chug along. However, based on its current trajectory might struggle to reach its goal. That hasn’t stopped the developer from documenting their experiences in the form of the Ultimate Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight guide for developers taking their first tentative steps into the world of crowd funding.

If you have an interest in new exciting projects, be sure to keep an eye on Kickstarter and lend your support to developers and initiatives you believe in.

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