Rymdresa sets sights on Xbox One


Stockholm based development duo, Morgondag have announced that their text-based procedurally generated title – Rymdresa is also to be released on the Xbox One. This means the game is set to be released on every major tile apart from the Playstation 4 – for now.

I spoke to one half of the Stockholm based outfit (Vendela) about the games progress and their soon to be announced launch plans.

How are things progressing with Rymdresa? What have been key changes to the game since you went public with the concept?
One of the bigger changes we made early on was the decision to not release on all the platforms at the same time. Mostly because of the monolithic task to coordinate a cross-platform release. So when we started developing RymdResa we only had iPad in mind, now we are releasing on desktop, console and tablets. The biggest difference in those platforms is how you interact with the game as a player. Combining touch interfaces with mouse, keyboard and gamepad support can often end-up feeling very generic. So now we created a brand new UI design for desktop and keeping the other UI for touch devices, we don’t really believe in one solution to fit them all.

We’ve also added two chapters to the game (chapter 2 and 3). Early on we where about to release chapter 1 as a finished game, now we have enhanced the experience with two additional chapters. Moreover we’ve worked on clarity and user feedback. We’ve created a notification system and a mission hub.

We iterated quite heavily on our boss system (in chapter 3) and finally found something that fitted, We started out with a sort of battle arena with bosses, to mini games to puzzle games. And then finally landed on textbased sequenced bosses where you have to answer the questions correctly to move on. RymdResa is partially a textbased adventure, so having bosses that reflect that made more sense.

Also there will be a Encyclopedia app available for mobile, tablets and the web. We’ve also got a fun prototype of controlling the desktop version of the game with your mobile, that is just something we feel like making for fun later.

What features have you done away with?
We have this system in place where players can drop real-time messages on there current coordinates in space for other players to pick up and read. And one can also find dead player’s ships in space. Still not sure if this will make it to a release, we had some real problems with this like DDOS attacks on servers and the understandably security restrictions that consoles have on what kind of data get sent where.


How did the decision to port the game to Xbox One come about?
So we want to bring RymdResa to every possible platform available! After we decided to to bring the game to WiiU we thought why not Xbox as-well? Heck we even got a Ouya prototype and a mobile prototype. We also made a really small arcade prototype in a day for the web.

Will that version have any unique features?
Well first of splendid gamepad support! And we’re looking into a “big-screen” mode for the texts, on desktop you are closer to the screen than you are on a TV so we have to make sure the texts are readable as well, this mode would be fitting on SteamOS and Steams big-picture mode as well.

Mostly we want to have all the same features available on all the different platforms. So we are hoping to have parts of the source code combined on the platforms except the UI-layers so hopefully we can push updates to all the different platforms at once. Keeping the content fresh. We might make a smart-glass application for the Xbox just like the desktop iOS controller.

Any plans to release on the PS4 too?
Yes that would be lovely! Had a hard time getting in contact with sony, so if you know any one at sony let them know we want in!

Got a release date confirmed?
We had some release dates floating around before but haven’t pinpointed out the exact release date. The things we are working on now are part of QA and beta testers feedback. We are going to have one more wave of testing and if some part of the game still sucks we need to fix that before we release. But we are getting close to announcing a release date real soon, but it will most definitely be this year.

Rymdresa website
Morgondag on Twitter

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