Gotland Game Conference 2015 – Winners

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Gotland Game Conference has been an essential part of the Uppsala campus calendar since its inception in 2001 and is a unique conference where researchers, undergraduate game designers, experienced industry veterans come together to discuss shared interests. This years event was no different with the showpiece event of

The winning games and teams at the Gotland Game Conference 2015 are:

Best First Year Project
Frog Climbers — TeamCrew

Best Second Year Project
Clouds Below — Tree of Life

Best Graduate Project
Agency — Tiny Office

Best Presentation
Tamarrion — Grottfolk

The Cha-Ching! Award
Summit Chasers — Metalj

The Almedalen Library Award
Colors of the Wind — Disarray 6

Alumnus of the Year
Rikard Jaksch

The Innovation Award
Workspace Warfare — Shaking Cube

The Tokyo University of Technology – School of Media Science Dean’s Award
Clouds Below — Tree of Life

Students’ Choice Award
PvGvP — Wolf in Basement

The Pwnage Award
Frog Climbers — TeamCrew

Below is a showreel of student projects (mostly made in 8 weeks from the Department of Game Design at Uppsala University.

An integral part of the students presentation is being able to take feedback and accept constructive criticism from a panel of industry experts. This has been the corner stone of the education’s quality assurance. The esteemed jurors tasked with selecting this years winners include:

First Year (E31, Marcus Ingvarsson)
1. Richard Dansky, Central Clancy Writer, Ubisoft
2. George Weidman, Super Bunnyhop
3. Yoshihiro Kishimoto, Tokyo University of Technology
4. Teddy Sjöström, Pixel Ferrets [GAME Alumni]
5. Johannes Wadin, Level Designer, Toadman Interactive [GAME Alumni]
6. Albertina Sparhult, Diversi [GAME Alumni]
7. Karen Palmer, Digital Artist-IF

Second Year (B51, Ernest Adams)
1. Ian Gil, Game Designer at E-Line Media
2. Vilya Svensson, Pixel Ferrets [GAME Alumni]
3. Anton Albiin, Spelplan-ASGD AB
4. Peter Stråhle, Lead Artist Might and Delight [GAME Alumni]
5. Patrik Hansson, CEO and founder, Corncrow Games AB
6. Ted Wikman, Lead code Three Gates AB [GAME Alumni]
7. Malin Lövenberg, Game Designer, A Sweet Studio [GAME Alumni]

Third Year (E22, Jakob Berglund Rogert)
1. Anna Kipnis, Gameplay Programmer at Double Fine Productions
2. Constance Steinkuehler, University of Wisconsin-Madison
3. Ave Randviir-Vellamo, PhD Student at University of Tampere
4. Fred Ström, Pixel Ferrets [GAME Alumni]
5. Joakim Sjöberg, Editor-in-Chief,
6. Rikard Jaksch, Senior Developer, King [GAME Alumni]
7. Stefan Ljungqvist, Founder/Development Director, Deadbreed AB

For more on the Gotland Game Conference, head to the event website.

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