Visual Dreams veteran hits slam dunk with new studio


Sports developer and former co-founder of Visual Dreams, Kristofer Boman has upped sticks and set up shop under a new studio name Sozap (meaning A sudden and powerful effect). Teaming up with serial entrepreneur and furniture designer Rade Prokopovic, the duo have already got to work churning out a couple of titles including another basketball game entitled – Superhoops.

What lessons learned from Visual Dreams do you hope to incorporate into the SoZap setup?
Oh, I’ve made so many mistakes running Visual Dreams, but I’m taking all that experience to Sozap. Visual Dreams never had the financial structure needed to be in it for the long run, all our games were stressed to market. We did launch some great games but they were pretty much doomed to fade away because of that. This time we have that covered and with all the experience gained from my years at Visual Dreams I know whats needed to stay on top!


Is the plan to focus on developing primarily for mobile platforms and if so why?
Yes, mobile is still growing and we see a lot of opportunities in several genres. Users have matured over the years and expect games with high quality and production value, and that’s exactly what we plan to give them. Right now we have three sports games in development planned for release this year. But with that said we are also making prototypes for other genres than sports so you will see a lot of fun and cool games coming out in 2016 as well!

Superhoops has been soft-launched in Sweden and Canada and will be released worldwide on May 28th 2015. For more information on Superhoops please visit the website and follow Sozap on Twitter.

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