Rope Rumble swings in from UXvibe

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Stockholm based developer UXvibe has finally lifted the lid on its first internally developed title – Rope Rumble. The game combines the wonderful feeling of swinging in the air with classic RPG elements and is now in Beta. I put a few questions to co-founder of the studio – Jihua Liu.

When do you hope to have a full release?
This version that goes live right now is a Full Beta. The full release is planned to be 3 months from now, depending on the outcome of the Beta.

Is this release targeted globally or just within a specific region?
Yes, we are definitely reaching out to a global audience, since the game play is quite easy to master. But there is a mid-core layer of meta-game for those who like deeper games.

What lessons have been learned from this experience?
This is our first internal development, I have learned so much about game production. Making a game requires strong team connection, and a lot of time sacrifice. It really feels like I and my team entered a dungeon and just work work and work. This was something I had no clue about when I started in this industry, but now I know! There is also a game culture issue, because everybody has different opinions about what “the perfect game” should be/look like, it is very hard to reach consensus.

What are the studios immediate plans?
We will focus more on internal development for now. However if the perfect project comes along with the perfect team having the same mind-set as we do, we will definitely give it a try!

To sign up for the beta head to the Rope Rumble website.

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