Seriously Indie

Seriously Indie

Thinking about starting up your own game studio? Then the Seriously Indie event might be what you need to get a grasp of establishing, running and ensuring the success of your own studio.

Game City and The Game Assembly have invited a bunch of seasoned industry folk, who will be provided with around ten minutes each to present their respective organizations and what they can offer. Together they will cover things like bank loans, government support, incubators and copyright.

Speakers to the event include:
Anse Sydow, The Game Assembly (
Peter Lübeck, Game City (
Johan Toresson, GamePort (
Kajsa Bengtsson, MINC (
Julia Mannesson, IP-advokat (
Martin Jonasson, Grapefrukt (
Bobbi Augustine Sand (
Johan Bloem, ALMI (

The free to attend event will take place at The Game Assembly on June 9th (3pm – 5pm). Tickets are limited so to reserve your seat head to the Eventbrite.

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