Frogsong studios calls for final push on Kickstarter


Malmo based Frogsong studios have been hard work on their debut title – Swellsworn for the best part of the year and with time running down on their Kickstarter campaign are making a plea for support to see their game through the finish line.

Check out the games latest trailer to get a better grasp of what the game looks like.

We at Frogsong love everything about competitive games. We probably waste a worryingly large amount of hours playing everything from LoL and Dota 2 to Supersmash Brawl and other player vs. player games. There’s always room for growth for the player – and great skill is only earned by hard work and dedication. That is why we’re set on the journey of creating Spellsworn. It is a game which is heavily inspired by something that follows all of these values to the core; which is Warlock – a mod made in Warcraft 3. It features fast-paced gameplay with quick thinking and careful strategy, in other words it’s precisely what we love in a game.

The Unreal Engine 4 based Spellsworn is a competitive, arena-based free-to-play game which is all about the skill and mastery of the player, assuming the role of a mighty wizard.

Spellsworns Kickstarter campaign runs until July 31.

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