RymdResa sets launch date

Rymdresa nanner_640

Digital creative duo, Morgondag have finally gone public with a release date for their procedurally Generated Space Odyssey – RymdResa. The eagerly awaited title is set to hit Steam on August 20 2015.

Dubbed a poetic, roguelike space odyssey, the game has been a labour of love for developers, Vendela Carlberg Larsson and Kim Gunnarsson who saw the game as an opportunity to illustrate their fascination with space.

Space! The emptiness of space! It’s beautiful! We wanted to recreate the feeling of loneliness in space. We used several different tools to create the lonely atmosphere that we wanted: art and poetry that express this feeling. RymdResa is as much an art-project as a game and we truly want to give the players an experience filled with poetry, pixel art, music and depth.

In the future RymdResa will also be available for Xbox One, WiiU, iPad and Linux.

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