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August 15th saw the curtain come down on Stugan. One of the most exciting initiatives designed to champion, support and nurture the talents of the now generation of hot developers around the world. Numerous column inches have been dedicated to the project which by all accounts has been a success. I put a few questions to Oskar Burman, one of the founders of the project.

How would you view the first season of Stugan?
It’s been such an amazing summer, seeing the participants bonding and working towards their goals, helping each other succeed. Several participants have told me this has been the best experience of their life; that they’ve grown not only professionally, but also as humans, and that’s just.. Wow. How do you answer that?

Did it meet or fall below expectations?
Like said, it completely blew past all of my expectations, both how well it went, how far the teams reached, and how much press we got covering the event. Even the GameJam we had reached out internationally, with one of the games covered by both Wired and Kill Screen. Now I really looking forwards seeing the first games hitting Steam Early Access so people can start enjoying them, it should happen within a couple of weeks, with a constant stream of Stugan games hitting the market over the next two years. Also really nice to hear from pretty much every mentor visiting they’d have loved to stay longer, speaking more with the developers and just enjoying the beautiful Swedish nature up in Dalarna.

What lessons have been learnt and how do you see Stugan evolving for the next season?
We’re right now collecting feedback from the participants, and aim to gather the project group and sponsors during the autumn to see how to move forward. We’d absolutely LOVE to do another season of Stugan, but need to solve the financing.

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