Games Business 2015

Game business 2015_640

Games Business returns for the fourth installment of conferences centered around the business aspect of game development in the Nordic.

Jointly organized by Shareplay and Interactive Denmark and helmed by Nordicgamebits, the event promises to combine elements of keynote speeches, gamedev stories, an eye-opening “visions of the future” debate, and rounds off with a networking party.

The full program which is still being developed will feature talks from som stalwarts of the industry such as Tommy Palm, former Square Enix Europe International Business Development Director, Christine Thaarup, Betadwarf CEO, Steffen Kabbelgaard and more.

Attendees to the event also stand a chance to win a VIP ticket to Pocket Gamer Connects London 2016 conference in January.

Games Busines 2015 will take place at Aalborg on December 7th. Full details of the event can be seen at the Games Business website.

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