Profile – Like a Boss Games

Who are Like a Boss? Could you briefly outline the studios origins and its keys figures?
Like a Boss Games is a games studio consisting of an experienced team of 8 person right now with an office in central Stockholm.

We develop mobile games for hardcore sports fans and our very humble goal is to be one of the worlds leading sports gaming studios in 3-4 years.

In a smaller studio like us everyone in the team are key figures with backgrounds from gaming companies such as EA, King, Gameloft, GLU, Starbreeze etc

What would you describe as the company philosophy to development and as a team?
The aim with our development is to make gamers sports fantasies come true.That means that if you play a Like a Boss game we want you to completely enter and believe the world, story and role that we are giving you even though the playing sessions on mobile phones are measured in a handfull of minutes.

As a team its all about each individual taking their full personal responsibility of being nice, working hard and having fun.
This comes very natural as well since everyone in the team are awesome people & this is the luxury of being a part of a smaller studio, gets harder in larger companies.

You’re working on developing a sports game for mobile platforms. Could you expand on the projects concept and what sets it apart from the competition?
Cant go into too many details just yet unfortunately, but we are working on a football game in Unity and we are innovating to deliver a new gaming experience in a genre were there are no larger category leaders to compete with.

As the studio head, you have extensive experience from the games industry in a variety of roles, what aspects of lessons learned do you hope to bring to the LAB table?
I’ve done more mistakes than I can count in terms of game play, genres, monetization, marketing, recruiting, financing etc and that should hopefully save us some time and headache when not doing them all over again as a start at least.

What has been your most pressing challenge so far with the studio?
Creating a fun game is always the most pressing challenge, and its a never ending daily challenge for a studio but that is also what makes game development fun.

What words of wisdom would you impart to an aspiring developer / studio looking to break into the ever shifting industry landscape?
There will always be a huge success out of nowhere that proves any words of wisdom wrong in this industry.

But to make life easier for new studio without a huge existing player base or marketing budgets equalling Zlatans wage, its always good to go for a smaller specific niche / sub genre without a dominating category leader and were you know your audience, as well as to always innovate ( were it matters)

Who are the developers you look to for inspiration?
In Sweden Im really impressed by MAG Interactive and Paradox, they are following up great games with new ones & making good business decisions.

Im also still inspired by King’s old journey from the original web portal to facebook and later on making it even bigger on mobile, unfortunately they arent the most inspiring any longer but that past journey through different platforms is more impressive than what most people give them credit for.

In terms of persons in the industry its Kristian Segerstråle that worked at EA same time as I did and is currently running Vainglory, he is doing everything right it seems. Google his CV and you will see what I mean.

On a daily basis I get inspired by the team, its always inspiring to be surrounded by great and talented colleagues that are passionate about what they do.

What’s next I the pipeline for LAB in the coming months?
Im coming forward like a secret agent now but we have an epic news coming out soon connected to our next game that i cant reveal just yet, but in addition to that, we are looking for an experienced Unity developer to join the team.

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