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The name is Vic Bassey and I created this website with the primary purpose of helping promote the growing indie game movement whilst providing me with the chance to further expand on my knowledge of an industry I am incredible passionate about.

My credits include writing stints for Game Reactor, MCV Nordic as well as a regular contributor gig at Pocket Gamer. I am also the founder and coordinator of industry charity – Push the Button Initiative.
Here you will find a summary of industry briefs, profiles, jobs and over time insights on the industry. I can also be found talking numbers and making up words at Might and Delight. Welcome to The Square!

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  1. Greetings,
    We are an indie game development team called Traptics and we just released our first game for mobile phones and tablets.
    The game is called “Game of Legions” and it is focused on the combination of puzzle and strategy. The player is the commander of a legion. By commanding the units, through a match three mechanic, you create squad of units that attack the enemy. The aim is to pierce through the enemy army and kill the commander. The player has to prioritize his attacks in order to be most effective, because every few turns the enemy hits back.
    Main Features
    • Easy to learn, hard to master
    • Extremely polished content
    • Alternative use of a very common mechanic (match 3)
    • Facebook integration
    It would be great if you could review our game. The game is now available for Android, and very soon for the IOS. Shortly after that we will release it for Windows Phone and PC.
    Thanks a lot

  2. Dear, NorthLandSquare.
    My name is Alice Gurska, I am a PR-executive of “Whale Rock Games” game studio from Kiev, Ukraine.
    I have written you already when our studio launched the Kickstarter campaign for our game “We Are The Dwarves!”. I think it will be interesting for your audience that we added gameplay shots and explanations in our presentation update.

    Please, read more about the game at our press-kit page: http://wearethedwarves.com/press/
    The link to the project on Kickstarter is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/whalestudio/we-are-the-dwarves

    Feel free to ask me any questions or ask for any additional information.

    Alice Gurska,
    Whale Rock Games

    email: info@whalerockgames.com
    skype: alice_gurska
    phone/cell number: +380-93-240-33-75

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