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Stockholm based outfit, Morgondag are a two person outfit consisting of Vendela Carlberg Larsson and Kim Gunnarsson. They both share a passion for simple, creative creations and have their got their first game up on Steam Greenlight. This is their profile.

Would you kindly chart your entry into the games industry and the formation of the studio?
We are both creative individuals; and when we met we soon understood that we wanted to create together. We combined our skills and also our way of thinking, and the process of making a game grew out from that. We just started to make games together. We began building a couple of prototypes and interactive art experiments together for our self, then Morgondag came kind of organically out from that.

Let’s talk about Rymdresa. What inspired the decision to make the game text based as well as its aesthetic look?
Space! The emptiness of space! It’s beautiful! We wanted to recreate the feeling of loneliness in space. We used several different tools to create the lonely atmosphere that we wanted: art and poetry that express this feeling. RymdResa is as much an art-project as a game and we truly want to give the players an experience filled with poetry, pixel art, music and depth.

We have for example space journals that present themselves now and then, when you play the game. They contain practical information of how many years you’ve been in space. But they are also poetry -pieces, giving you as a pilot hints about your past present and future. This is the main-narrative in the game, bringing you records of the feelings and thoughts of the lonely space pilot as he travels through space. And they are voiced by Eric Reed.

We work with a very restricted palette, which only contains a few beautiful and carefully picked colors. Less is always more.

We believe in simplicity and we love pixelart. We have created a very minimalistic art style. We believe that artificially created art restrictions, produce a much easier way to create style. A way to keep creativity roam free inside these constrains. This also makes room for the players own thoughts and emotions.

Any similarities to Rymdkapsel and has marketing the game proved problematic (especially internationally)?
No similarities that we know about. Both takes place in space, of course. And no big problems with the marketing. We have had some few people asking if the games are related. Other than that most people seem to be able to differentiate the games from each other. Especially when it comes to art style.

What are the challenges of creating a game as a relatively small outfit?
Time estimation for sure and to get ourselves organized enough so that we can handle freelance and other work to keep the boat floating. The funding is a big problem, we are self-funded. The creative tasks, everything from writing stories, programming, making sound and marketing needs its time. Luckily for RymdResa we have two amazing musicians Tom Croke and Pat Jacobs along with Eric Reed as voice.

To work together and having an elaborate plan and not to be afraid of expanding the project helps a lot, we have no obligations to anyone when it comes to making games. We can do whatever we want to, and that is a relief. That is the good part of being an indie developer.

How would you describe the indie scene in Sweden and the Nordic region? Is there a collaborative spirit?
There is a lot of creative talent lying around for sure, often in smaller isolated teams, or crossover from other media. We haven’t really done any extensive collaboration with other game studios yet. We have however worked with Unga Klara (a theater in Stockholm).

What areas of the scene could be further developed?
More available funding alternatives. More organized events, jams and bundles.

What has been a career highlight so far?
Combining love and creativity. Making games together. And of course RymdResa is our current number one baby.

Who are the developers you look to for inspiration in Sweden and the Nordic region?
We really like people that do their own thing like “Nifflas” or “Cactus”. We are also admirers of the game Limbo by Playdead.

Rymdresa is now on Steam Greenlight. Check it out to vote and support the duo.

You can follow the couple on their website.


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