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Chalk this up as another win for Karlshamn, with the discovery of yet another promising team of developers. The team of Chef Knight Milly consists of nine people wth a strong design and engineering skillset led by Kyle Thorburn. The rest of the team includes David Nguyen, (game designer), Yazan Alahmad, (Level designer), Josefin Gagnesjö (Concept artist), Johannes Gustavsson, (Character modeling and animator), Simon Eimersson (Character modeling and animator), Michael Tran, (Environmental artist), Simon Sundberg, (Music and Sound engineer), Dennis Mårtensson (Music and Sound engineer). This is their profile, with questions answered by Kyle Thorburn.

Chart your entry into the industry and the formation of the studio?
When I put together the team a couple of months back and developed the game concept we all had one thing in common, we wanted to create a game that our younger selves would love to play. With this in mind we are all heading in a common direction, a direction that with the right support will take us into the industry.

What are the challenges of creating and marketing a game as a relatively small outfit?
The greatest challenge with a fresh startup like ours I would say is creating a fanbase. It wouldn’t matter if we created the worst or best game in the world if nobody knows about us.

Was this your first showing at KEON? What did you gain from the experience?
Yes, this was our very first time at KEON. It was really rewarding seeing people enjoy something that you’ve created. Aside from a huge moral boost, we also learned how most people play the game, what route they take, what controls they prefer, if they understand the mechanics, if something is too easy or hard etc.


What is Puyo and what inspired its sci-fi fantasy setting?
Puyo – The Future of Yore, is a third person adventure with a mix of sci-fi and fantasy. It’s set in a time where our future is the games hidden past. A time where nature has reclaimed her world and technology been banished, buried, and forgotten only to become myths and fables. It is also the name of the protagonist. The original idéa of the Sci-fi fantasy setting came from the very beginning of the project. To kickstart our game concept we tried splitting the team in two and developing two separate concepts. This allowed us to merge the best idéas and ultimately creating what we’ve got today.

How would you describe the indie scene in Karlshamn and the Nordic region? Is there a collaborative spirit?
I don’t have any experience with the rest of scandinavia but there’s a lot of talented people over here in Karlshamn making some pretty cool games, I believe some of them are even featured on this webpage. but . Over here in Karlshamn there’s definitely a collaborative spirit flowing through every single one of us. If you’ve got a problem with something you simply ask anyone for help, there’s an extremely low chance of getting a no for an answer.

What areas of the scene could be further developed?
One area in the indie scene that I feel needs to be further developed is showing what an indie developer REALLY does for a living.

Who are the developers you look to for inspiration in Sweden and the Nordic region?
I believe this depends on who you ask in our team, some may look at AAA studios such as DICE, personally I must say Joakim Sandberg is my favourite source of inspiration from Sweden as he has this ability to make the games mechanics intertwine with the graphics in a cool way.

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