Documentary – Boys’ Toys?


A new documentary about women in videogames and featuring among others a couple of participants from the Nordic games industry was recently released on YouTube. Co-directed and co-produced by Elke Teichmann and Eef den Boer, the short documentary poses the following questions: Can increasing the number of women in the video game industry change the representation of the weak and hyper sexualized female character in video games themselves?

Anna Jelenius, assistant QA manager at Paradox Interactive and one of the participants in the documentary describes how she came to be involed with the project.

Someone I know posted a link to Boy’s Toys? website on Facebook. I thought it was such an interesting initiative that I dropped them an email right away, asking if I could help out in any way. I’m very happy that they gave me the opportunity to contribute!

The documentary in full can be viewed below:

Featuring a cross section of advocates from the industry including Linnea Harrison (DICE EA), the half hour long documentary provides action points aimed at bolstering the positive representation of women within the industry.

Anna Jenelius voiced the need for more initiatives like this.

I think it is very important to keep making our voices heard on the subject of women in games and the games industry. There are a lot of issues we need to address, and I think it is vital to show that this isn’t just some fad – we will keep fighting until we feel that women as well as all other groups of people are properly represented. The more the haters and trolls are trying to stop the change, the more obvious it is how much we need it.

To learn more about the documentary, head to its Tumblr.
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