LiU Game Awards 2014 – Winners

LiU Game awards_winners

LiU Game Awards has come to an end for another year with the top prize won by Jesper Tingvall for his game Spacecraft. This years event which too place at Trappan in Nörrkoping featured over 200 visitors – students, researchers and game industry professionals, and a kaleidoscope of talks from industry professionals on two parallel scenes.

Spacecraft is a local build & destroy deathmatch game for up to 4 players. The players first builds spaceships then fights to the death in them. Fusing a strategic approach with a social feature made it the clear winner. A demo version of the game can be downloaded here.

The jury tasked with selecting a winner for LiU Game Awards 2014

Mariadele Arcuri Rossoni – Founder of Machine Says Hello
Mattias Kylén – Lead Artist at 343 Industries
Niklas Hansson – Founder of Defrost Games, previously Massive Entertainment
Magnus Sjöberg – Lead Software Engineer at Digital Illusions & demo programmer at FairLight
Martin Wahlund – CEO and founder of Fatshark and Bitsquid
David Marquardt – Artist at Turborilla
Martin Magni – Indie Developer and former LiU scientist
Magnus Leppäniemi – Sales & Marketing Manager at Dreamhack
Dennis Gustafsson – Founder of Mediocre
Sara Cecilia – Community Manager at Unity Technologies
Rolf Jansson – Founder and CEO of Code Club (Wurm Online)
Daniela Sjunnesson – VP Marketing at Paradox Entertainment
Mårten Brüggemann – Play Designer at Toca Boca
Alexander Frederiksen – Angel Investor
Magnus Hollmo – Art Director at Electronic Arts
Per Micael Nyberg – Game Developer and Designer

For a full run down of all nominated titles and more head to LiU Game Awards

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