Flowstorm to be resurrected


Long dormant arcade racing and aerial combat game looks set for a return. The game which is the brain child of Joachim ‘Acegikmo’ Holmér & Jenny ‘sranine’ Nordenborg from Neat Corporation was originally unveiled in 2012, but was hampered by an unsuccessful Kickstarter in 2013. However a post by the duo on social media plans to breath new life into the skill-based 2.5D arcade racing and aerial combat game.

After the Kickstarter failed, we wanted to relaunch it, but ultimately, when the first Kickstarter failed, we lost our motivation to continue completely. We also had to find jobs again in order to survive, so we started freelancing both of us. During the freelance time, we saw an opportunity, and started developing Shader Forge – a plugin for the Unity game engine, which we’re currently selling in the Unity asset store. Luckily, Shader Forge has been very successful! We started getting money into the company to the point where we’re now in a position where we can work on our own projects near-full-time!

With a top to bottom revamp planned the duo are quick to point out that the wholesale changes won’t result in a change in scope of the game.

The old code is an awful mishmash back when I didn’t know all that much about Unity. Today, I’m much more fluent in it. The game will simply be better in every which way. There are a few things we’re doing different this time around, most of it outside the game.

No release dates or platforms have been confirmed, but it looks likely to be released for PC, Linux and Mac.

For more on the game, visit the Flowstorm website.

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