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Parta Games is a self-funded independent game studio from the Finnish countryside, founded by two childhood friends with a passion for creating awesome games. Initially aiming to break into the mobile segment, they’ve got grand ideas and grander ambitions. This is their profile!

Who are Parta Studios? Chart your entry into the industry and your decision to go at it alone with the formation of your new studio?
Starting up our own company was kind of a no-brainer since we’ve been dreaming of doing that since we were in high-school. Growing up in a small town in Finland we had no real possibilities of working in the game industry. The Finnish gamedev scene was still taking its baby steps and was (and still kind of is) located mainly in greater Helsinki area. So, we worked hard on traditional software to build up our programming skills while learning to make games on the side and grow awesome beards. Antti worked at Futuremark for a while and got a taste of the real game industry which only bolstered his resolve. After all kinds of hardships and blessings and after building Go! Go! Meatball on the side for a year, we got the chance to keep our beards, creative freedom, our homes in the Finnish countryside and start building Parta Games to be the next big thing in gaming.

What would you state as your primary philosophy as a studio director and how do you hope to apply that to the studios creative and business mindset?
Our primary focus is quality and gameplay. We want that every player who picks up our game has fun. Every action need to be important and feel great. We want our games to be completed working products right out of the box. We believe making good games is the most important business decision.

As a studio how important is a willingness to take work for hire contracts?
From the very beginning we realized that the single most expensive thing starting up a company in Finland was going to be our personal living expenses. Since we wanted to self-fund the company, we thought it would be important to keep an open mind and try to take contract work whenever possible. We also have lots of experience doing traditional software so we might have a bit more contract work possibilities than most gamedevs that are just starting out, that’s a privilege. That said, we still want to keep our main focus on our game projects and continue to keep having the creative freedom we have managed to acquire.

How do you leave your studios stamp on any work for hire projects you are tasked with?
Parta Games values openness, honesty and humility, we don’t like arrogance and greed that much. It’s probably hard to work with us without a good sense of humour. We joke a lot. Currently our bad puns are mainly about beards (“parta” is Finnish for “beard”). It is in everyone’s best interests that we will mature to other jokes soon.

What words of wisdom would you impart to an aspiring developer looking to break into the industry?
For every aspiring developer our main advice is, don’t give up. Seriously, don’t. There will be failures – learn from them. Your first ideas of games and success are rarely the ones that come to life. Parta Games’ road has been riddled with innumerable hardships and blessings. Many times we thought our entry into the game industry is not going to happen at all – or it’s going to happen very differently. It’s not always crystal clear where to go and what to do but the most important thing is to stay humble, remember your main goal at all times and work towards that. Just make as many games as you can and keep doing that, while getting better at it. Also grow a beard, it helps a lot.

What are you currently working on?
Parta Games is working on its debut title Go! Go! Meatball, a cute but challenging runner-platformer game for iOS. With Meatball we are trying to appeal to the crowd that is “maturing” from easy casual games to slightly more challenging games. Meatball will be highly accessible, but will have a slightly steeper difficulty curve than most mobile gamers have probably gotten used to. Also the game’s leaderboards are designed with speed running in mind. With game content we’ve taken a more traditional approach and will not offer any In App Purchases that would devalue the initial purchase. What you buy is what you get and there are no hidden costs.

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