Swedish Game Awards 2015 – The Winners

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Right Nice productions were the big winners at the Swedish Game Awards. The eight person team ended up winning both categories they were nominated in to walk away with both the Game of the Year as well as the Best Execution in Art awards.

Now in its thirteenth year, the celebratory aspect of the Swedish Game Awards notched some significant milestones. For the first time in its history the event had a female hostess, with Anna Jenelius (Senior QA lead at Paradox Interactive) tasked with leading the nights proceedings. The list of award categories also experienced a slight bump to eight with the inclusion of an award dedicated to recognizing diversity efforts which was created in collaboration with Diversi.

The Swedish Game Awards also took significant strides to make the event a lot more accessible to non attendees to the gala dinner by having it streamed live on YouTube. The move is part of the events long term ambitions to gain international prominence. A feat slightly hampered with the timing of this years event coinciding with the massive E3 event in LA.


However, the historic night belonged to the hundreds of students who were able to revel in the limelight and acknowledge their collective creative endeavors with some of the more established studios in the local development sphere. It was a great showpiece event. The next generation of the industry looks bright.

The full list of winners along with the the jury motivations can be viewed below:

Adventure on Clover Island – Right Nice Productions

With a fanciful and cohesive graphical style, this game unites classic game design with interesting new elements, humorous characters and takes the player on an adventure that suits all ages. With the right type of support this game has the potential to become a commercial success on several platforms.

GAMERS CHOICE AWARDS (Voted for by community)
Frog Climbers – Team Crew

Sons of Eye Championship – Whampi

It’s the kind of game that should sell with a dedicated soundtrack. Refreshingly non-repetitive, one could easily leave the game on just to hear the music. The ability of the music to stand on its own and the arcade style gameplay fits perfectly, helping you to engage in the experience as you rush to capture asteroids that shoot at your opponent vehicles.

Adventure on Clover Island – Right Nice Productions

For it’s simple yet immersive world, where graphical assets are reused properly and professionally to a point where it could be released as a commercial product. The game has a cohesive graphical design with assets, textures and animations which raises the bar for how incredible a student project could look.

Frog Climbers – Team Crew

For its excellent attention to detail, well delivered tutorial and a game that delivers an experience of pure competitive fun. The best execution in design goes to a game that truly climbs to the top without letting the players give up hope.

Rymdstenar – Subset Soup

The winner of this years technical execution award lends pick up and play gameplay, tight controls and an interesting dimension of physics to a classic game idea. The game handles complexity of chaotic local multiplayer and physical destruction with excellence. Gather your friends for hours of local co-op action.

Adal’s Vikings – Damnific Entertainment

For its excellent delivery of narrative rhythm and detailed character portrayals and attention to the little things that can make or break an entire story.

Iris & Earl – Jocajo Entertainment

To relive the event in its entirety, you can view the stream below:

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