Mag Interactive acquires UK studio

Mag Interactive_CEO

Developers of Ruzzle, MAG Interactive have announced their acquisition of UK based studio, Delinquents. The news was released via a press release on the Stockholm based studios website with quotes from CEO, Daniel Hasselberg and further establishes MAG as a leader in casual free-to-play games. Already the global leader in word games, the acquisition broadens the MAG portfolio of IP, as well as establishes a UK team for the ambitious studio.

“MAG have released a number of successful titles. We know what it takes to develop, launch and continuously support a hit game. We’re building durable and scalable franchises that last for years. In Delinquent we have found a talented studio that fits perfectly with our values and the MAG way of working. Finding such an exceptional group of people speeds up our growth in a fantastic way and I am very excited to welcome them to join our team.” says Daniel Hasselberg, MAG Interactive’s Co-Founder and CEO.

MAG has been an early investor in Delinquent and the two studios have been working together for 6 months. The acquisition follows a long period of sustained profitability for MAG across a growing roster of IP.

“MAG has never been a silent investor. They have been very active, supportive and incredibly valuable to have around. Launching our first game, Potion Pop, as part of the MAG umbrella will give us immediate reach to over 75 million users as well as much bigger resources in terms of marketing and distribution. Working with them over the past months has made us realise that we both value teams with a high level of independence and we have the same approach to making games. It just seems natural to be one big team. We are thrilled to be part of the MAG family and excited about what’s to come.” Says David Amor, Delinquent Co-Founder.

The first game of MAG’s UK studio will be Potion Pop, a match three game with which MAG will enter a new games category. The acquisition takes the total headcount of MAG Interactive to 50 people, with several open positions in both the new UK and existing Stockholm studios.

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