Skygoblin takes to Kickstarter for The Journey Down finale

The Journey Down Game_screenshot_city

After ten years, industry awards and an established title, Gothenburg based outfit Skygoblin is set to break new ground by launching their first Kickstarter campaign to complete the third and final chapter of The Journey Down. The announcement was made via a post on the studios website in which the

Though Chapter Two of TJD got glowing reviews, it has been difficult to truly reach out with it to media and players. Maybe because people have a hard time dedicating themselves to a game when they know the series is incomplete, or maybe simply because our PR effort on the chapter two launch was lacking. We did pretty good financially the first year or so after release, but since, revenue has been dwindling and now it’s pretty clear that without seeking additional funding, we won’t be able to make the final episode nearly as grand as we had wanted. Hence, kickstarter!

The Journey Down is a classic point-and-click saga with an Afro-Caribbean vibe available on PC, Mac and Linux as well as on iOS. Whilst an official date for the campaign hasn’t been unveiled the Skygoblin team are aiming for an October release later this year and will come with tons of juicy behind-the-scenes updates and other similar treats that have been gathered along the development of the trilogy so far.

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