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The newest addition to Sweden gaming landscape features a trinity of passionate souls incorporating experience from studios such as Paradox, Tarsier Studios and Mojang. Fronted by Sara Casen, Johan Bernhardsson and Erik Nilsson have joined forces to deliver unique games that make players feel something…more. They strive to craft experiences that grow with the player, and stay with them long after the game itself is finished. The questions are answered by Sara Casen. This is their profile!

The Could you briefly describe the core team, roles and how the decision to form the studio came about?
The core team is made up by three experienced game developers. Johan Bernhardsson is our creative director and lead coder. He has spent the past 3,5 years working for Mojang, at MCPE. Johan is a code ninja who loves to work with story and game design as well. Then we have Erik Nilsson, who previously worked at Paradox South. He’s our awesome artist. Everything regarding 2d, 3d and animation is his cup of tea. And so we have me (Sara Casén), who have worked at Tarsier Studios, Paradox Interactive and with my own company Casen Crowd. I’m in charge of the marketing, community and to make sure the team stays on track (aka “producer stuff”).

What is the studios philosophy and long term ambition?
Our philosophy is to make different games. We want to make unique games that stay with the players long after they’re done playing the game. We got together to make games since we wanted to explore different kinds of creativity together. We were all kinda tired of the endless supply of Call of Battlebro: Duty Field. I’m not saying those are bad games, but we want to expand what kind of games are offered and also bring games to people on the lookout for something new. Our long term ambition is to build a solid, small team of 5-7 excellent game developers crafting magic together.

Why the decision to have a story driven horror title as your first project?
We all pitched ideas to each other during the pre-pre production last year, and Lake Ridden just seemed like a good start for the studio. It contains a lot of interesting elements that let everyone on the team explore a different parts their personal creativity. We don’t want to limit people to only do one thing all day long.

We believe the settings for Lake Ridden have potential to tell a compelling story and perhaps both surprise and scare the player in new ways!

How far into the development stage are you and what platforms are you aiming for?
Right now we’re in early pre-production. Regarding platform, the only thing we can tell you right now is that we’re not aiming for mobile 😉

When do you hope to show more about the game?
As soon as possible! We hope to share our development process with our community straight from the start, so we strongly encourage people to follow our blog or social media!

For more on Midnight Hub, head to their website.

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