Midnight Hub open up about Lake Ridden

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Three person outfit, Midnight Hub have revealed the first details of their story driven first person horror game – Lake Ridden. I reached ut to the Malmö based studio and their creative director Johan Bernhardsson to lear more about the game.

What key features were you hoping to showcase with the early concept art reveal?
We want to convey the game’s atmosphere and a little bit about the character. We also revelead that it is going to be an exploration and puzzle game with a focus on story. The two girls in the pictures are sisters and we will follow up later on with more about the story and what happens.

Lake Ridden

A story driven mystery game points to a very focused linear experience. Will there be multiple endings or will all roads lead to a singular conclusion?
We will not say anything about the ending of the game, but the experience will not be completely linear. We leave space for the player to move around and there will be different choices in the game as well.

Documenting and showcasing every step of the development process seems to be an approach you’ve embraced. How open do you plan to be and are there any collaborations with external parties in the works?
We hope to be very open but it becomes more difficult since we make this sort of single player experience, we don’t want to spoil the puzzles and story too much. Since we are a small team, we will try to release content that doesn’t steal to much of our time and the idea is to get awesome feedback and bring that back into the game. There will be collaborations on things like sound and music that we will talk more about later.

The early concept art indicates significant progress. How soon can we expect an initial teaser trailer of the game?
We aim to share a teaser trailer with you after the summer.

Lake Ridden is set for a PC release in 2017.

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