Portfolio launch 2016 at The Game Assembly

Game Assembly_Meet and Greet_640

Ahead of the Game Assembly’s annual Meet and Greet event, the schools’ yearly portfolio launch has been unveiled.

The portfolio features works from the new generation of game artists, level designers and game programmers in their second year students that are looking for internship from 29th August 2016 until 7th April 2017.

The 27th of April almost 40 game companies will converge to meeting the students as an inaugural welcome to the industry at the Game Assemblys Meet and Greet.

According to details revealed by the school 7,3% of the Swedish games industry has been through The Game Assembly.

Portfolios are below:
Game artists
Level designers
Game programmers

If you as a game company feel that you would like to know more, visit the Meet and Greet website.

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