Teams of Stugan 2016 revealed


Summer is here which means it’s time for another batch of indie upstarters up to find inspiration and support from Stugan. The mentor list features an impressive array of names that includes Rami Ismail (Vlambeer), Peter Vesterbacka (Rovio), Shams Jorjani (Paradox), Clint Siu (Stuganeer 2015), Karl Magnus Troedsson (DICE), Stephen Jarrett (King), Per Strömbäck (Swedish Games Industry association), Paul Brady (Carve Communications PR), Gordon Van Dyke & Jonas Antonsson (both from Raw Fury), Tommy Palm (Resolution Games) and Oskar Burman (Ex-Rovio).

Team 1: Andrew Shouldice & Secret Legend
Team 2: Matthew Gatland & Caves
Team 3: Tom Francis & Heat Signature
Team 4: Karen Teixeira & Astromantica
Team 5: Pol and Armel & Vignettes
Team 6: Auston and Diana & CatDate
Team 7: Andreas Schönau & Spin Up
Team 8: Ivan Notaroš & House of Flowers
Team 9: Mira and Tanja & Tick Tock
Team 10: Niklas Hallin & Baby Elephant Walk
Team 11: Laura and Michael & Thin Air
Team 12: Dorianne, Robbie and Marc & Kingdom in the Sky
Team 13: Julie, Nicolas and Xavier & Castle Hustle

A short bio of the teams along with more details of Stugan can be found on the Stugan website.

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